‘Munda Southall Da’, ‘Paune 9’ and ‘Balle O Chalaak Sajjna’, Releasing on the Same Day, Biggest Box Office Clash of Punjabi Industry!

This weekend, 3 Punjabi movies are going to be released on the same day. Yes! You read that right, on 04th August 2023, three Punjabi movies will hit the screens. One of the biggest box office clash is going to happen on 04th August 2023. So we will let you know about all 3 movies one by one.

Munda Southall Da

This movie stars Armaan Bedil and Tanu Grewal, Armaan is making his pollywood debut with this movie. On the other side, Sukh Sanghera is making his Pollywood debut as Film Writer with this movie. People are loving the songs and the trailer of the movie. You can watch the trailer by clicking on the link given below

Paune 9

This multi-starer movie is going to be released on the same day. ‘Paune 9’ was scheduled to be released on 28th July 2023, but it was postponed due to some reasons. Dheeraj Kumar is playing lead role in the movie and it is based on the man who is dealing with multiple personality disorder or some kind of mental health issue. This movie is suspense thriller and will be loved by the suspense lovers. Dheeraj Kumar’s performance is giving goosebumps, you can watch the trailer by clicking on the link given below

Balle O Chalaak Sajjna

As the Name suggests, this movie is based on the conflicts in the relationships. This movie is the story of two brothers who faces conflicts after getting married. Misunderstandings spoil their relationships, to know what happens next we have to watch the movie. This movie is multi starer and we will see Raj Jhinjer, Vikram Singh, Monila Sodhi, Harshjot Kaur, Raj Dhaliwal, Aman Sutdhar and others in this movie. It is a completely family movie, you can have a glance of the trailer by clicking on the link given below

So these are the 3 movies releasing on the same day, you can decide which movie to watch this weekend or you can watch all 3 one by one, choice is yours. Let us know about your choice in comment section below. For more updates stay tuned to Filmi Bytes.

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