Every writer is famous in their own way, and deserves credit for what they have written.

But always, some are better than the rest.

Here we are, featuring 5  popular Indian writers who are the best.

You will find below more about them, how to connect with them, and also some of their best written contents.

The 5 Writers are :

1) Siddhartha Mishra

2) Ritu Sachdeva

3) Sujoyita Pal

4) Charu Vashishtha Gulati

5) Prerana Jha

Let us know about them Individually :-


Sidhartha Mishra is a gifted author who has captivated audiences with his versatile writing style. He is based in the quaint city of Sambalpur and is a proud MBA graduate. From a young age, Sidhartha had a fascination with literature, and this passion has led him to become a prolific writer.

Sidhartha’s portfolio boasts a range of written works, including stories, poems, articles, and more. His writing style is multifaceted, and he enjoys exploring various genres, including romance, thriller, horror, and fantasy. His work is known for its vivid descriptions, relatable characters, and gripping plots that leave readers eagerly turning the pages.

In addition to his passion for writing, Sidhartha is also an avid reader. He enjoys immersing himself in the works of other writers and gaining inspiration for his own creations. He believes that a writer must constantly strive to hone their craft and learn from their peers.

Sidhartha’s talent and dedication to his craft have earned him numerous accolades and recognition in the literary world. He continues to write and explore new genres, and his readers eagerly await his next work.

Let us read a poetry by him titled “Beauty & wonder of Nature”

The world is wide and full of wonder,

A place where beauty and magic plunder,

From mountains high to oceans deep,

Nature’s secrets we can keep.

The sun rises and paints the sky,

With hues of pink and orange dye,

The birds take flight and sing their song,

A symphony that lasts all day long.

The trees sway in the gentle breeze,

Their leaves rustling like a whispering tease,

The flowers bloom and spread their scent,

A fragrant aroma so heaven-sent.

The people come and go like waves,

In a world that constantly behaves,

But amidst the chaos, there’s a calm,

A sense of peace, like a healing balm.

So let us cherish this world we share,

And show it love and tender care,

For in its beauty we can find,

A sense of joy and peace of mind.


Hey !I am Ritu Director of Ritzcoaching path to success,with experience in life and wellness coaching,Sales in banking Sector and teaching. Most of the people who have worked with me best describes me as a mindful entrepreneur with a competitive approach. My passion for coaching and my determination has contributed to most of my recent success as an entrepreneur.

Let us read something beautiful written by her:

I help individuals develop confidence,ability and willingness to solve their problems through effective coaching.Moreover I help individuals to set meaningful goals and identify specific behaviour or steps for meeting them . In addition I help individuals to broaden thinking,increase effectiveness,identify strength and develop needs and set an achievable challenging goals .I am an authors coach as well . I have written one solo book and I have been a Co author of seven books . Ritzcoaching is a platform wherein you can develop and improve your over all personality with better communication skills and by setting your goals in the right direction.


Sujoyita pal is an internationally certified writer, author. She has been featured on google. Her name has been featured on around 35+ sites. She is a certified soft skill trainer. Her living place is kolkata. She has completed her graduation from calcutta university. She has completed her masters degree in English from Rabindrabharati university after that she has completed b. Ed in English from wbuttepa university. She is an English teacher, spoken English trainer. Recently her 13 write ups has been published in 3 anthologies under flairs and glairs publication house as well as had launched that 3 anthologies in new delhi at world book fair at pragati maidan. She has written poems  in 40+ anthologies as a co author.

Let us read a poetry by her titled “Reboot your inner creative soul”

Soul is Creator

Dreams are the fresh seeds

Do care the dream

Love the dream

Extract your own soul

Always bring out the essence of your inner quality

Unfulfilled desire are like an unknown coming day

Mind rules the heart

Soul rules the mind

Heart rules a man

Brain observes the surroundings

Brain is the owner of all memories

Dreams are the candlelight

Eyes are the reflector of unfulfilled desire

Moist eyes are the mirror of invincible stubbornness

Sixth sense rules the unseen page

Spread the fame

Block the failure

Desire is the source of happiness

Desire is fulfilled with unrequited dreams

Write a marked signature

Incomplete desire extracts the inner soul

Reboot your inner strength

Reboot your inner hidden talent


“An architect by education, software engineer by profession, and a writer by choice.”

Charu was born in the UK and brought up in Roorkee, India. She has a Bachelor’s degree from IIT Roorkee and has worked in technology for companies like Tata Consultancy, American Express, Royal Bank of Scotland.

She is currently working as Chief Manager at Max Life Insurance.

She is an avid reader and blogger and maintains her blog: www.lifeinthehooterville.blogspot.com

She is a seasoned Toastmaster and has won many division and district level public speaking contests.

She won 2nd place in the 2017 edition of the NUHA Global Blogging Competition and was the only blogger shortlisted from India.

She was one of the highly recommended authors at the Bharat Award for literature-4th and 5th Short Story contests (2018 and 2019) conducted by poiesisonline.com.

Her book of short stories called “The Lady in the Mirror” was one of the bestsellers in the opening week. The book was also rated one of the top 7 lockdown reads by Outlook India. Her second novel “You are Mine” was published in 2022 and ranked Amazon bestseller in its genre (Romance).

Her stories have been aired on All India Radio Delhi Rajdhani as well as Gurgaon Community Radio Stations.

She was the chief guest at the IIT Roorkee Modal United Nations debate closing ceremony in 2019 and has graced many literature festivals like that of Lovely Professional University, NIT Hamirpur (2021) and VMMC medical college Safdarjung (2023).

She has also taken creative writing workshops for schools across India in partnership with storymirror.com

She was awarded “The Literoma Rising Star Award” for her debut work and also received “Iconic woman” award at 84th global edition of Women Economic Forum, Delhi where she spoke as a panellist on Digital Marketing and PR.

Her ideas on writing have been covered by newspapers like “The Asian Age” , “Deccan Chronicle” and others. On personal front she’s a mother of two, living in a joint family. She’s based out of Gurgaon.

The below is one of her short write up titled “I am NOT fine.”

How are you?

I asked Sita, who was startled by my question.

She nervously tried to hide the black and blue marks on her wrist by pulling up the sleeve of her shirt with her fingers and then closing those fingers in a fist.

I am fine.

She said.


I said, trying to study her eyes which were saying otherwise.

Sita nodded and turned away from me.

How are you ?

I asked Sheila, who too, was startled by my voice.

She spread the lose end of her dupatta across her bosom and replied suspiciously.

I am fine.

She looked down and moved on, without giving me a chance to peep into her eyes

How are you?

I asked myself.

I too was surprised by my question.

I tried to smoother the tension on my forehead by wiping it with my fingers. Next, I pulled up my cheek muscles to give a semblance of a smile.

I…. I am fine.

I remarked but to the world, deliberately forgetting to answer to myself.


Prerana Jha belongs from the City of Joy-Kolkata.You can also call it the city of art & culture & being it her birthplace she is a writer herself & has started her writing career 9years back.In the past 9years she has published five books of her own being “The Unforgettable 23”, “Never knew the Known”,”Mizaaj” , “Fallen Angel” & lastly “Bread & Butter Days”.Also she has been a part of many anthologies.She was awarded with “Utkalika awards” for her novel “Bread & Butter Days” aswell for “Best Content”.She was featured into Dailyhunt,Asia Times,Maxtern Media,Disrupt Magazine too.

Let us read something penned by the author:

Khali wo kagaz hai ab bhi Mann ki paribhasha hai likhni tu wapis toh le ekbar wo Kasam teri

Teri meri kahani hai likhni

Teri bewafai hai batani meri aashiqi kaise dafnai hai sunani…!!Tu wapis toh le ekbar Kasam teri…Teri meri kahani hai muh zabani batani.

Chaha tha likhna kafi kuch magar Ek waade ki khatir kuch likha nahi jata

Teri tariff bhi hai shamil usme khamiyon ka zikr bhi hai lafz bhi hai pas mere par ek waade ki dorr se yun bandhi hu mai k kuch likha nahi jata…!!

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