5 Reasons Why Hardeep Grewal and Ihana Dhillon’s Movie ‘Je Paisa Bolda Hunda’ is Must Watch !

Hardeep Greawal and Ihana Dhillon’s forthcoming movie ‘Je Paisa Bolda Hunda’ is currently in hype. People are eagerly waiting to watch this movie in cinema halls. There are plethora of reasons to watch this movie in cinema halls. In this article, we will discuss few main reasons to watch this movie in cinema halls.


The story of this movie is based on a lower-middle class couple. It represents the common people and their needs about money. So audience can relate themselves easily with this story. Moreover, this story is unique from current trends of Pollywood cinema, so we can expect something different.

Star Cast

We will see Hardeep Grewal and Ihana Dhillon playing lead roles in this movie. This is the fresh on screen duo. Apart from Hardeep and Ihana, we will see Sukhwinder Raj, Mintu Kappa, Raj Dhaliwal, Malkeet Rauni, Jaggi Dhuri, Parteek Vadera, Jashanjit Gosha, Sandeepjit Pateela playing pivotal roles in this movie. So it will be worth watching on bib screens.


The captain of the ship is Manpreet Brar. So this movie directed by well known director Manpreet Brar who is best known for his experimenting cinema. So it would be great experience to watch this movie.


The music of this movie is very rich as we know that ‘Lakk Tunu Tunu’’s music is recreated in this movie but with the same vocal of Legendary singer Surjit Bindrakhia ji. Apart from this, the title track, Sardarni and other songs of this movie is also getting love from the audiences.


This movie have everything according to the demands of audiences. “Je Paisa Bolda Hunda” Contains love, romance, comedy and suspense with the meaningful message. So tell us in comment section that which is your reason to watch this movie in cinema halls. For more updates stay connected to Filmi Bytes.

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