The official crime data of Punjab shows a decline in the number of murders and kidnappings in 2022. While it’s a positive sign showcasing the achievement of the Punjab police in controlling crime, the results do not indicate the rate of growth of criminal activities in the state. Despite public and police order, the crime not only exists in the state but also thrives and so do the criminals. It, therefore, triggers the need for greater awareness among people regarding kidnappings and murders to effectively prevent crimes and put an end to such offences.

Education, alertness, and creating public awareness are some of the ways in which our society and its people can learn about these crimes and the precautions that can prevent them. However, the greatest impact is made when people experience a situation without facing it in life and just through mirroring reality or its portrayal. Cinema and filmmaking play a significant role in this. From time to time, the Punjabi industry has come up with films on crimes, on the role of police and on such subjects which demand urgent attention. These projects have not only entertained people but have also given them experiential wisdom as they go through the loss virtually.

On these lines, Chaupal OTT, the world’s biggest multi-regional over-the-top (OTT) platform launched globally, is releasing a crime thriller ‘500 Meter’ starring Kartar Cheema as a cop who investigates a case of child kidnapping and murder. The web series consisting of five episodes will be out on the streaming platform on May 18. “Playing the role of inspector Rajveer Sekhon was a different experience for me even when I have acted as a cop previously. Apart from physical fitness, there is so much mental and emotional control the police need to maintain in such sensitive cases,” says Cheema, adding that, “People must watch the web series on Chaupal and join him in the investigation of the case.”

Through this web series, which is based on a true story, the audience will become more aware and alert as they live the hard-hitting reality on screen. ‘500 Meter’ is presented by Geet MP3, in association with Khush Productions. Produced by KV Dhillon and directed by Manav Shah, the story is written Gurpreet Bhullar who weaves actors such as Cheema, Rahul Jungral, Sanjeev Attri, Mohan Kamboj, Harmanpal Singh and Paramvir Singh among others in an gripping and intense plot.

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