Correction Policy

In journalism, mistakes can and do occur even after the use of careful procedures. At Filmi Bytes, we do not hesitate to acknowledge and respond when offered to do so.

Filmi Bytes Fact Check fixes errors as quickly as possible with high light levels. If the correction is correct, we mark the correction within 24 hours of being identified. But if the repair involves further investigation or reaching out to people to find their response, the repair could take up to 72 hours. We appreciate feedback from our readers, which can be posted in the comments section at the end of every story, video or post. An application for editing or revision of the article can be sent to

Filmi Bytes also monitors its extensive presence on social media and welcomes feedback and criticism from our readers.

If there is a major adjustment or major change that changes the size of the news story, it is clearly marked as “Adjustment” at the top, and we clearly indicate the change, with information on why the change was needed. This provides a clear, transparent history of all adjustments.

When a new fact appears after a story has been published, information that adds new layers or angles but does not change the scale, is marked as “Update” at the end of the article.

Correction of typographical errors, spelling errors, system errors or minor changes that may be considered important by editors are often not noted.