The longest-running film Aamir Khan has ever produced, Laal Singh Chaddha, took nearly 15 years to complete. The actor’s anguish at the film’s box office failure is therefore understandable. Laal Singh Chaddha, which was released last Friday, has failed to generate a magic at the ticket box. It had an opening of Rs 12 crore, which had been the worst opening figure of any Aamir Khan film in the last 13 years.

Even before it was released, there were demands to boycott the movie. Following his travel to Turkey in 2020 and his meeting with First Lady Erdogan, Aamir Khan once more faced a large reaction. Aamir has also caused controversy on social media for previous comments he made against intolerance in the nation. All of this is rumoured to have had an impact on Laal Singh Chaddha’s company, which hasn’t even surpassed the Rs 50 crore threshold four days after its release.

According to a report on Bollywood, Aamir Khan appears to be shocked. “Aamir put a lot of effort into creating the finest Forrest Gump he could. According to a close friend of Aamir and his former wife Kiran Rao, “the rejection has affected him very deeply.Zayn Marie Khan, Aamir Khan’s niece, has meanwhile offered the actor her support in response to calls for a boycott of Laal Singh Chaddha. In a video appeal posted to Instagram, Zayn pleaded his followers to view the film and “not allow a hate campaign destroy” it. Ira Khan, Aamir’s daughter, also expressed her support for him by reposting Zayn’s video on her own Instagram page.

Aamir Khan previously acknowledged that he felt offended when he saw the Twitter trend for “boycott Laal Singh Chaddha.” He urged people on social media to see the movie. When asked about the craze during a roundtable discussion, Aamir said that he was devastated. “It makes me sad to think that some of the individuals who are saying this secretly think I dislike India. However, it’s untrue. That some people feel that way is unfortunate. That is not true. Do not boycott my movie, please. Please see my movie, Aamir said.

Simran Hans

Entertainment Writer

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