Adah Sharma expresses gratitude as her film completes 50 successful days in theatres

Adah Sharma, fresh off the incredible success of The Kerala Story, has once again captivated audiences. The film, featuring a female lead, has shattered records as the highest-grossing film in its category to date. Adah, renowned for her action-packed performances in the Commando franchise, is set to take on a new challenge as she portrays a female superhero in an international project. Moreover, fans will be delighted to see Adah taking the lead in the highly anticipated second season of a popular web series.

Today, The Kerala Story celebrates an impressive milestone of 50 days in theaters, a remarkable achievement in the current cinematic landscape. Adah shares her thoughts on this triumph, stating, “We have received blessings from mothers all around the world, which has contributed to the movie’s success and its enduring run. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a part of this historic journey.”

Adah Sharma continues to surprise audiences with her diverse roles, showcasing different avatars in each of her projects. From her Bollywood debut in 1920 to her ventures in the South Indian film industry, Adah consistently demonstrates her versatility and leaves viewers in awe.

Shivam Madaan

shivam madaan

Founder & Editor in Chief


Founder & Editor in Chief