Anchor Chirag Dawar the rising star

Chirag Dawar signs a film with an ensemble cast, however he refrains from sharing details until the announcement from the production house “ I am on the top of the world. I can’t contain my excitement. When the right time comes I will share the details with the world and I can’t wait for that moment”

There are very few professions that get the respect that they deserve. In a society that sees everything through the lenses of engineering and medical education, some careers fail to get their deserved recognition. Have people really noticed a good anchor on stage during a programme that not only keeps the audience entertained but also brings the night alive with their words? That is someone who requires ardent conversation skills, a good intellectual that appeals to the audience for the night and of course, a beautiful voice. One such talented individual who has taken the anchoring field by storm is Chirag Dawar, a talented individual from Indore who has made all his way to the top of the game. The anchor recently shared about making his career from scratch and the ups and downs he faced while doing so.

Talking about his self-made career, Chirag said, “I started with nothing in life…what I have achieved is all by myself. I am a hard-core believer of Karma so whatever is mine will remain mine is the best way to cope with the lows in your career.”

Chirag, who likes to be called a singer by heart and an anchor by profession started his journey 13 years ago from scratch. Ticking off the box of requiring an excellent voice, Chirag has been trained in classical singing. “I have learned classical music and often upload songs on insta reels, which is trending. Soon, I am launching my original song, but that’s not my profession, it’s my way of self-growth,” Chirag stated.

Sharing why he changed his career path from a singer to an anchor, Dawar revealed, “There is no specific incident which has changed my career but I always wanted to be a singer but my fate has driven me to the show world. Socializing with people around have always been a part of me which has turned into a profession.”

While currently he is one of the most sought-after anchors in the industry, there was a time when he too felt hopeless in life. “I had been learning classical singing for several years but I just changed my career track from a singer to enter an entirely unknown industry. To say that I did not feel lost would be a lie. I contemplated life choices very much during those times. Today, I stand tall with no fears, but as every journey has its ups and downs, mine has too. But I knew the key to getting out of the dark phases is to be resilient and strong. You should find your strength in the people you love. Their faith in you will surely make you get up and work harder.”

Among the 1500 shows he has performed till now, the star anchor started with road shows, mall activations to kids and themed birthday parties, hosting haldi and sangeet ceremonies to now being one of the top anchors in India.

“Birthday parties have never been so much talked about earlier but making them larger than life is a feeling of achievement which clients have acknowledged many a time,” he said.

Chirag believes that it is patience and sincerity that always wins. Talking about what he feels is required in a person to become the best in their profession, Chirag revealed, “Many may believe that only talent wins. Of course, talent and love for your profession is required. But if you don’t have patience and sincerity towards your work, it will never work out. Be patient about opportunities.

They won’t walk towards you or be handed to you. And even if you do not get as many opportunities in the beginning as you thought, it is fine. Be patient. Prove your calibre, opportunities will be made. And of course, be sincere with your work. It always pays off.”

Chirag who has travelled pan India to conduct shows has also hosted events for the likes of Pritam, Salim Sulaiman, Vikas Khanna (chef), Vishal Shekhar, Esha Gupta, Nitin Mukesh and many more. The star anchor revealed that although getting recognized for his work is like a cherry on the cake, he loves to do his job.


Shivam Madaan an Indian Journalist, Entrepreneur and Digital PR Expert. He is one of the youngest Digital Entrepreneurs in India.