Animal, with 11.7 Million viewership in the first two weeks, Surpasses Salaar and Dunki

Dominates Netflix viewership charts, becomes one of the most watched films on Netflix

‘’Animal” has achieved a significant milestone, securing its position amongst the most-viewed films on the Netflix Top 10 Picks for an impressive six consecutive weeks. This noteworthy accomplishment is a testament to the widespread popularity and positive reception that this Bhushan Kumar produced and Sandeep Reddy Vanga directorial has garnered from audiences across the globe.


The success of “Animal” is further highlighted by an exceptional 6.2M viewership in its first week beating Dunki with 4.9M views and Salaar with 1.6M views on Netflix. Whereas, in its second week, Animal gained 5.5M views, once again leaving Dunki and Salaar behind with 4.2M and 1.9M views respectively, showcasing its ability to captivate audiences week after week.

Solidifying its position globally as a frontrunner in the digital arena, Animal’s popularity transcends borders, with its ranking in the top 10 in six countries in the first week, expanding to 17 countries in the second week, and maintaining a strong presence in nine countries in subsequent weeks.

Animal has witnessed a recording breaking run at the Indian box office. Bhushan Kumar produced and Sandeep Reddy Vanga directorial was the most loved film of 2023. This thrilling family drama is now achieving new milestones on Netflix, surpassing biggies like Salaar, and Dunki in viewership.

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