Artist Divine Shared Glance of Song ‘Chorni’ With Sidhu Moosewala!

Lately, Artist Divine has released a brief clip of the song “Chorni,” which was played live alongside him. This song is from the ‘Gunahgar’ album by Sidhu Moosewala. People responded strongly as soon as Divine offered a preview of this song.

It is going to be an year when the Sidhu Moosewala’s murder have passed, but his followers still think about him and will continue to do so through his music. Police continue to make arrests in the Moosewala murder investigation. Sidhu’s parents, Charan Kaur and Balkaur Singh Sidhu, are still fighting for their son to receive justice.

Sidhu Moosewala has undoubtedly eternally said goodbye to the mortal world, yet he is still honoured everywhere in the world. After Sidhu Moosewala’s passing, several of his songs have been released, and the public has embraced them greatly. The song “S. Y. L” was also taken down from YouTube.
Let us inform you that Sidhu Moosewala’s successful songs created a stir in the industry. Many of his hit tracks, such as “Last Ride,” “Dollar,” “Level,” and “SYL,” are mentioned, but there are also some unpublished tunes.


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