BJP Chitrapat Natya Aghadi, Mumbai Hosts Modiji @ 9 Years Short Film Festival

On June 30th, 2023, BJP Chitrapat Natya Aghadi, Mumbai organized a captivating short film festival titled “Modiji @ 9 years” at Whistling Woods, Mumbai. The event, presided over by Sandip Ghuge, the president of Chitrapat Natya Aghadi, Mumbai, featured actress Leslie Tripathy as the anchor.

The festival witnessed the presence of esteemed guests including Subhash Ghai, Jackie Shroff, Mahavir Jain, and Manisha Ranawat. Manisha Ranawat’s MD International served as the event partner, aligning with her goal to support filmmakers from all backgrounds.


Manisha Ranawat, a talented writer, director, and producer, is currently working on her upcoming project, ‘Jahaan,’ a poignant tale of true love. With a firm belief that it will become an extraordinary cinematic experience, she aims for Jahaan to be embraced by people of all ages and backgrounds, resonating as one of Indian Cinema’s finest romantic love stories.

Although Manisha has already made notable contributions to the industry, her upcoming ventures are poised to make a significant impact on Indian Cinema, promising captivating narratives that will leave a lasting impression.

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