Tufang, which came out in theatres in July of this year, talks about one of the most rising issues in Punjab today: the reckless usage of gun culture.

Punjab, as a state, is deep-rooted be it religiously or culturally. Since time immemorial the land has produced very well-known soldiers who have protected the land and nation against enemies. There are a few elements that are native to the land and have strong significance that are associated with it. One of them is guns. Guns have been passed down as a legacy in families from generation to generation, as a symbol of pride that one attaches to Punjab, especially our elders. But with the advent of time, this has become more of a status symbol and a trend to possess guns and show them off in public gatherings, wedding functions, and whatnot. Tufang highlights this issue only.

Tufang, a Persian word that translates to a long barrel rifle, is a story about Arjan (Guri) who is the owner of a family-owned generational gun store and also publishes videos on YouTube talking about the details of different arms with a disclaimer that he is just trying to impart knowledge to adults about the history of Punjab. He even makes sure to the public that his videos are not intended to be taken with a negative connotation.

Along with him, is Deep (Rukshaar Dhillon), who runs an IELTS center and is seeking revenge on three men for reasons known to her. To kill these men, she starts to learn about guns and how to use them through Arjan’s videos. Fate brings them together and Deep wants to kill these men, to which Arjan opposes. Upon knowing her reasons he agrees to help her out to take her revenge.

Tufang is now streaming exclusively on the OTT platform Chaupal.

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