As we know Punjabi cinema is making a lot of progress and films of Punjabi cinema are now being made on a large scale. Remarkably, along with our Punjabi cinema being strong, the Punjabi content of the digital platform is also becoming quite beautiful and is being made on a much larger scale. App Chaupal launched by Pitara TV is also playing a big role in this in which we get to watch web series and movies which are entertaining the viewers a lot.
Recently, another film has been released on Chaupal called ‘Chehre’. Talking about the credits of the film, in this film we see Arundeep as the main lead and he is accompanied by Raghav Gautam, Ritu Thakur, Palak Mahajan and Renu Mehra. Let us say that the story of this film has been written by Aakash Jassal and Aakash Jassal has also directed this film.

The film has been released on Chaupal from June 10, which is also getting appreciation from the audience.
Let’s talk about the tool lead actor Arundeep and Arundeep have been in acting for some time now but he is leaving a good impression with their acting. Earlier in the ‘Range’ web series released on Chaupal, Arundeep’s acting was much appreciated who won the hearts of the audience by playing the role of a ‘Goli’ .
Arundeep, who has a theatrical background and has done important work in theater, has played his role very well. He has shown his brilliant acting skills and abilities in this film by making his presence felt among the famous and Polish actors.

Arundeep graduated from Punjabi University with a degree in Theater and Television and entered the film industry as a theater actor. He has shown different colors of his character through his brilliant acting in the film which convinces him to be a good actor.

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