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Finally Chhalla Mud Ke Nahi Aaya, a most anticipated Punjabi movie of 2022 is released now. This movie is starting to captivate all of the Amrinder Gill fans. So in this article we are going to review ‘Chhalla Mud Ke Nahi Aaya’ review for you. Amrinder Gill plays the lead role in the movie, and supporting and crucial roles are filled by entertainers like Karamjit Anmol, Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta, Raj Kakra, Amrit Waraich, Harinder Sing, Bikram Brar, and more. Since this is Amrinder Gill’s first time in charge, it is now slightly more extraordinary for us.
Amberdeep Singh wrote the script for this movie, and Amrinder Gill oversaw its production. This is the first time Amrinder Gill has personally coordinated a project, however we have seen this duo work on projects together in other movies like Angrej and Love Punjab.
At that point, it became clear that Challa Mud Ke Nahi Aaya’s story is based on real events. The goal of this movie is to show the struggles of Punjabi migrants who left their homes and countries in order to succeed in foreign countries. Given that Chhalla existed, this movie also features a period piece. Amrinder Gill’s character Chhalla decides to go to Canada in search of employment and a way to get good. There he makes more friends and meets others who are quite similar to him. He therefore struggles to find employment, receive pay on par with white colleagues, and also deals with discrimination and harassment. But be prepared for the unexpected. The circle of drama in Chhalla Mud Ke Nahi Aaya is almost analogous to that in Angrej. In fact, Sargun Mehta, being true to style, adds another allure to the picture with a brief but important role opposite Amrinder Gill.
The acting prowess of Amrinder Gill, Binnu Dhillon, and Karamjit Anmol need not be defended.Binnu Dhillon played his closest buddy, while Karamjit Anmol played someone who met Chhalla on his trip to Canada. Amrinder Gill played the key role in this movie. As to be expected, Amrinder Gill stole the show and won us over with his on-screen charisma. However, we are quite pleased with how each and every performer in this movie was portrayed. Additionally, we must mention Sydney Eberwein, a well-known international entertainer, for her acting and Punjabi communication skills.
Apart from this, if we talk about Music, every song in this movie, even the ones that weren’t a pair, was charming. This is true, but we also appreciate the tunes’ perfect placement because it made the movie incredibly involving and captivating.
The story of this movie is based on the struggles of Punjabi migrants and includes all the necessary elements to connect with us. The movie’s moral, which is to keep moving forward. Whatever the situation, life depends on pressing forward and refusing to give up. This movie does a fantastic job at conveying this message, and we have no doubt that it will touch you as well.
I a crux, we would like to say that Filmi Bytes have already published an article for which reasons this movie is a must-watch even before it’s release. Now, after watching ‘Chhalla Mud Ke Nahi Aaya’ we find plethora of more reasons that why we should watch this movie in cinemas…

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