Chandigarh, June 6, 2023: Last week’s episode revealed that Gautam planned a scheme to get revenge on Amber and Avni and made a big revelation in front of the family. To save Amber, Avni tells the police that she was with Amber on the day of the party.

Avni and Amber are advised to keep apart because of the false allegations made against them, but both of them do not agree. Despite Amber and Avni’s efforts, their family does not accept their justifications. But today’s episode is going to have a troubling moment in which Avni overhears Maya deciding to kill Atisha forever with the aim of stopping Angad and Atisha’s wedding.

Will Avni save her sister Atisha on time? Will Amber be able to believe Avni’s claims against her mother? Watch and know what will happen next in this story, in the show “Dildariyan” at 7:30 p.m. only on Zee Punjabi.

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