Diljit Dosanjh all Set to Give his ‘Dussehra Gift’ with ‘Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne’

With the release of his upcoming film, Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne Diljit Dosanjh is preparing to give his fans a gift. The title and poster of the film has also been announced on social media; Diljit Dosanjh posts the poster with the phrase ” -Baba Bhangra Dussehre Te Paawega”. Diljit also discusses the trailer’s releasing date. Tomorrow at 9AM, the trailer will be released.

After seeing the poster, audiences are becoming more eager to see the movie, and the trailer will undoubtedly increase their interest. The movie’s name, tagline, and poster will also give us a general notion of the movie. We can infer from the movie’s tagline, “Old is Bold,” that it is about old people who are bold and carefree. This is a novel idea in Punjabi cinema.

Speaking of the movie’s credits, one of the top comedy film writers in the Punjabi industry, Naresh Kathooria, wrote the story. The director of this film is Amarjit Singh Saron. Daljit Thind and Diljit Dosanjh provided the financial backing for Babbe Bhangra Paunde Ne. The movie will be distributed in the meantime under the auspices of Thind Motion Films and Storytime Productions Film. This Dussehra, or October 5th, the film will be released in theatres. Therefore, please share in the comments area what you anticipate from the film.

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