Jagdeep Sidhu is one of the best film writers and directors of the Pollywood industry. He is best known for his superhit movies like ‘Qismat’, ‘Qismat 2’, Shaddaa, Sufna and many more. He is known for his deep researched and heart touching movies. He made movie named as ‘Moh’ which was completely unique and untouched concept for Punjabi Film Industry.
‘Moh’ got good response from audience and critics but did not performed well on box office. Jagdeep Sidhu himself shared the disapointment with audience through his social media. Lately, when a social media follower asked about the ‘Moh 2’, Jagdeep Sidhu revealed that he has already penned the story and narrated to Sargun Mehta also but he will never make ‘Moh 2’ because people did not watched ‘Moh’.

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Jagdeep Sidhu was also asked about the OTT release of the ‘Moh’, for which he answered that ‘Moh’ was never made for OTT, it was made for cinema. The makers of ‘Moh’ can re-release this movie in cinemas. So the time will answere everything about the re-release of ‘Moh’ and the release ‘Moh 2’. What are your viewpoints you can share with us in comment section. We will let you know about the updates related to Moh and Moh 2, so stay connected to Filmi Bytes.

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