Get Ready for ‘Ek Kori Prem Katha’: A Cinematic Revolution Coming April 5th!

The much-anticipated press conference for the upcoming film “Ek Kori Prem Katha” that happened in Chandigarh drew the attention of media and fans alike. Sughand Films and Kenilworth Films LLP’s upcoming venture, “Ek Kori Prem Katha,” is poised to hit theatres on April 5th, 2024, amid mounting anticipation. The film’s trailer has set social media ablaze with its powerful narrative tackling the societal struggle surrounding the archaic ritual of Kori, a test of women’s purity.

At the forefront of this cinematic journey are acclaimed actors Khanak Budhiraja, Akshay Oberoi,  Raj Babbar, and Poonam Dhillon, promising a riveting portrayal of characters embroiled in a narrative fraught with twists and turns. The trailer offers a tantalising glimpse into the film’s core themes, notably Khanak Budhiraja’s portrayal of Sabhyata, a woman challenging the conventions of her society hinting at the strength and resilience of her character.

Well-known actor Poonam Dhillon who plays the pivotal role of –Mother-in-law expressed her views here stating, “It’s a meaningful and a moving story and very emotional. It is also a very relevant subject in today’s times which needs to be discussed. It is a relevant topic. We need not consider whether it’s a male or female subject -unimportant. A good subject has a story behind it or something needs to be told.”

Khanak Budhiraja, brimming with enthusiasm, exclaimed, “Working alongside icons like Poonam Dhillon, and Raj Babbar and under the guidance of our esteemed director is a dream come true. Debuting & Portraying the lead role in ‘Ek Kori Prem Katha’ is not just a role, but an incredible journey. I’m thrilled to embody the character of a courageous woman who fearlessly stands up against injustice, challenging societal norms with her strength and resilience.”

Directed by Chinmay P Purohit and written by Saba Mumtaz, “Ek Kori Prem Katha” promises to ignite conversations about entrenched societal norms and the evolving role of women in modern India. As audiences eagerly await its release, the film stands poised to challenge and inspire, reflecting on the need for societal change. 

Mark your calendars for April 5th, 2024, as “Ek Kori Prem Katha” arrives in theatres nationwide, poised to captivate audiences with its courageous stance against outdated traditions.

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