StarcastSonam Bajwa, Tania, Gurjaaz, Gitaaz Bindrakhia, Mintu Kapa
DirectorVijay Kumar Arora
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Much awaited movie of this month, Godday Godday Chaa is released today in cinema halls. This movie is presented by Zee Studios in association with VH Entertainment. The story of the movie is penned by Jagdeep Sidhu and the Movie is helmed by Vijay Kumar Arora. We have lately watched this movie and will review according to different factors.

Story The story of ‘Godday Godday Chaa’ is penned by Jagdeep Sidhu who is one of the best film writers in Pollywood. The concept and the story of the movie is based on the gender discrimination with females of bygone era. They were not allowed to attend the wedding (Baraat). So, this was the base of the story, which also portrayed the other discriminations with women and highlighted the issue of male dominance in that era.

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Direction This movie is helmed by Vijay Kumar Arora aka Dadu. So you can have an idea that how much great representation he can do with emotions and entertainment too. So this movie is also a benchmark for punjabi cinema.

Music Music plays vital role in the success of every movie. In this movie, we can find every song relatable to story and do not disconnect us from the story. So yes we can say that this movie is great in terms of music also.

Talking About Star cast of the Movie

Sonam Bajwa Sonam Bajwa is one of the top actresses of Punjabi Film industry. She played Rani in this movie who is educated but lives in rural area. She gets married in a rural area too, but want to ask for equality especially in attending weddings (Baraat). She played her character so well, from being emotional to performing energetically, she was fire.

Tania We have shortage of words for the performance of Tania. She played the character of Nikko, who is a mixture of Innocence, anger and cuteness. She played her character splendidly.

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Gurjazz It is going to be the turning point for Gurjazz in his acting career. Because many directors are going to call him for films after watching his energetic Performace as Pinta in this movie who is clever, educated and notorious. You will love Pinta’s character so much.

Gitaj Bindrakhia Gitaj Bindrakhia played the character of Bagga in this movie who is not well educated, but he is rich in thinking and believes in equality. Gitaj’s character is going to win the hearts of girls, and he will be seen as completely a husband material.

Mintu Kapa Whether its a ‘Aaja Maxico Chaliye’ or ‘Mera Baba Nanak’ , he is just a man with magic. He can nail every character he wants. In this movie he played the character of man with obsolete thinking who is dominating as well. He is so much into his character that you will not see him as Mintu Kapa on the screen, and it is a special thing of him as an artist. So you will remember his character.

Overall This movie has every emotion whether it is love, comedy or seriousness. Godday Godday Chaa is a complete family movie to watch this weekend. Filmi Bytes gives 5 out 5 stars to Godday Godday Chaa, For more updates stay Tuned.

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