‘Gudiya’ Movie Review ! Horror Movie With Emotions and Love Packed In It !

StarcastYuvraj Hans, Sawan Rupowali, Aarushi Sharma, Vindu Dara Singh
DirectorRahul Chandre
Filmi Bytes Movie Review

The first ever Horror Punjabi movie ‘Gudiya’ has been released recently. This movie is currently in cinema halls. Yuvraaj Hans and Sawan Rupowali played the lead roles in this movie. We have watched this movie recently on it’s premiere and here we have the review of ‘Gudiya’ based on different factors.


The story of this movie is Gaurav Soni, the screenplay of this movie is also penned ny Gaurav Soni as well. The story depicts the message for our relationships and family members. It is a horror genre movie but will entertain you as well. As depicted in trailer, this movie gives us a horror experience. It is based on ‘Gudiya’ who kills anyone who is outside in city at night. Angad, played by Yuvraaj Hans went out in night and rest of the things are horror, you can watch it in cinema halls.


In this movie, we can see Yuvraaj Hans playing the role of Angad and he just gave one of his best performances in this movie. Aarushi Sharma played the character of Zoya who is a lover of Angad. Apart from this, we can Shivendar Mahal and Sunita Dhir as the parents of Angad, Vindu Dara Singh as Police Officer, Samaira Nair as Harleen and Kulvir Sony as Angad’s friend. The special character of ‘Gudiya’ is played by Sawan Rupowali.


‘Gudiya’ is directed by Rahul Chandre who made his debut as director with this movie. He worked splendidly and we should appreciate his efforts to make a first ever Punjabi horror movie for our Punjabi audiences.


The music of this movie is made by Gurmoh and we can listen the songs in vocals of Yuvraaj Hans, GD47 and more. Let us tell you that the lyrics of these songs are penned by Gurjeet Khosa. The vibe of this horror movie is different but we can listen romantic song as well which is filmed on Yuvraaj and Aarushi. You will love the songs of this movie.


This movie is overall an entertainment movie, the special thing is that it is the first ever horror movie of Punjabi industry. Filmi Bytes gives this movie 4 out of 5 stars. For more updates stay connected to Filmi Bytes

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