For those who adore Isha Talwar and Guru Randhawa, this is a fantastic update. Sure, This post is dedicated to those who are excitedly anticipating “Shahkot,” the next film starring Guru Randhawa. We would like to notify you that the film is now in production and that filming has begun. Recently, Guru Randhawa shared this information with his fans and expressed gratitude to Isha Talwar for her performance on the first day of filming. Guru Randhawa added that during filming this film, he picked up a lot of knowledge. Additionally, you can view the post made by Guru Randhawa on the first day on the sets of “Shahkot”; the link is provided below

The movie’s stars and producers have previously shared the poster for this movie. Following their viewing of this poster, followers of Guru Randhawa are expressing their eagerness to see the film.

The poster for this film indicates that it will discuss a scenario involving Pakistan and India. The movie poster features the word “Deported” in addition to a boundary line visible in the backdrop. In the advertisement, Guru Randhawa’s appearance is also disclosed. The movie poster features the boundary line in the backdrop with the word “Deported” inscribed on it. The poster also displays Guru Randhawa’s appearance. Speaking about the film’s credits, Rajiv Dhingra wrote the narrative of Shahkot. Let us add that Rajiv Dhingra is the film’s director. His name is Shahkot. Anirudh Mohta is the producer of “Shahkot” aside from this. Aim7Sky Studios, in collaboration with Rapa NUI’s Films and 751 Films, is presenting this movie in the interim.

In addition, this film will be available for release in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Punjabi. It will be Guru Randhawa’s first-ever Punjabi film. “Join the enchanting journey of ‘Shahkot,’ a cinematic odyssey that explores the universal dilemma of love and duty,” was written by Guru Randhawa. while displaying the movie poster in the post’s text. He also tagged every member of the film crew. The combination of Guru Randhawa and Isha Talwar will be seen in this film.

The filmmakers of the film have also disclosed the specific date of its release. “Shahkot,” produced by AIM7SKY Studios in collaboration with RAPA NUI’s Films and 751 Films, is scheduled for release on February 9, 2024. So please share your excitement for this movie with us in the comments area. We will notify you of any developments regarding this film as soon as they become available. To receive further updates about this film and to remain informed about the entertainment industry and your favourite stars, follow Filmi Bytes on social media

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