Hasanpreeet, renowned for her role as Keerat in the popular show “Dilan De Rishtey,” is marking World Laughter Day with a heartwarming message to fans. Laughter, she believes, is a universal language that bridges cultures and brings joy to everyone.

In her statement, Hasanpreeet who is playing Keerat’s role in the show, shared, “In today’s generation, stress is prevalent, but laughter is the medicine for all our tensions.” This resonates deeply with the spirit of World Laughter Day, highlighting the therapeutic value of humour and joy amidst life’s challenges. I’ve learned how important it is to spread happiness and positivity. Laughter can heal wounds, strengthen bonds, and uplift spirits.”

“Dilan De Rishtey” has resonated with audiences for its relatable characters and light-hearted narrative, and Hasanpreeet’s portrayal of Keerat has been particularly praised for its comedic timing and warmth.

As Hasanpreeet celebrates World Laughter Day, she encourages everyone to find moments of joy and share laughter with loved ones. Watch your favourite Hasanpreet kaur as “Keerat” in the show “Dilan de Rishtey” at 7:30 pm only on zee punjabi. 

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