The Punjabi cinema industry is producing films in a variety of genres these days, and the public is likewise expecting new and innovative work from the filmmakers. In an effort to meet audience demand, filmmakers are also attempting to create original works of cinema. This leads to the public being exposed to previously unexplored genres and notions. This is the outcome of the filmmakers’ attempts, as the Horror-Comedy film “Hawa” was just launched on the Punjabi OTT platform Chaupal.
Speaking of the ensemble cast, the film’s primary lead performers are Gurjazz, Hashneen Chauhan, Honey Mattu, and Kumar Ajay.

The movie’s trailer was first posted on Chaupal OTT’s official YouTube channel. Let us explain. It is the tale of two young Punjabi lads who are living overseas but are unable to provide for themselves owing to a lack of funds. When they eventually move into a house, they discover that it’s haunted. Their predicament thus turns both horrifying and humorous. You may view the trailer by clicking the provided link below:

However, since this film is available on Chaupal, an OTT platform, you may watch it while lounging in the comforts of your own home. The movie’s producers and star cast also share the movie’s motion poster. Viewers are enamored with this film. As impressive as Gurjazz is as an actress, and Honey Mattu is among the public’s favourites, Hashneen Chauhan also receives positive feedback from audiences with each of her endeavors.

We would like to inform you that on October 26, 2023, “Hawa” will be released on the Punjabi OTT platform Chaupal. The lead cast of this film is well-liked and appreciated by the public. So please share your excitement for this movie with us in the comments area. If you have already seen the film, you may also discuss your thoughts about it. We will notify you of any updates on this song as soon as they become available. To receive further updates about this movie and to remain informed about the entertainment industry and your favorite stars, follow Filmi Bytes on social media..

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