See interesting story of Nitika Jain, Girl Behind Hardeep Grewal’s “Unstoppable” Song!

Simran Hello how are you Nitika?

Nitika All good Simran, life is going good I am working hard to fulfill my dreams and that’s all going.

Simran what changes you are facing after Lockdown Professionally and personally?

Nitika We did interview after the release of ‘Surme Wali Akh’ with Hardeep Grewal, after that my 3 songs were released, ‘Miss You Inna Sara 2’, ‘Tik-Tok’ and ‘3 Saal’ also with Hardeep Grewal.

SimranWhat are your upcoming plans?

Nitika There are many things in the pipeline which are planning out but cannot reveal anything till now because things are still getting finalized

Simran What about your own channel Nitika?

Nitika Actually right now I am more active on Instagram because my last account was hacked by someone so I am focusing on Instagram instead of YouTube channel. But also I am posting cover songs on my You Tube Channel.

Simran How your practice is going?

Nitika It is continue, I always make time to practice even if I am not doing it classically, but I continue to practice. There is one surprise for my listeners also as I am working with my team also. Moreover, there is huge difference between working with team or working independently so It will take some time will do something amazing.

Simran Do you think it is more difficult for a female artist to grow in the industry?

Nitika Indeed, my mindset was different when we talked last time. But yes I think it is much difficult for a female artist to grow as an artist in the industry. Female artist have to look at a lot of things, the foremost thing is Safety, and secondly we have less support also comparatively to male artist. Apart from this, there are very few females who support each other but more males support each other in the industry. Moreover, Covid have changed a lot of things I would say. Apart from this, female artists support less to each other in comparison to male artists.

Simran How your Journey started and how do you look at your future?

Nitika From my childhood I love to sing, after that I continued to sing on school and college as well . I did my graduation in Music as it is my only purpose. I don’t know when my dreams going to come true but it will happen I know. It is only purpose so I cannot drop Music. I think if we keep working hard opportunities keep coming.

Simran How you maintain Patience in this struggle period and how much it is important?

Nitika It is very important to maintain Patience in this period but sometimes I lose patience, sometimes I used to cry and I think it happens with every artist. I would say that struggle makes an artist and I think it is very pertinent.

Simran What is X-factor of success according to you?

Nitika I will not say struggle, because it is not about to earn livelihood. My parents are so supportive they do not tell me to earn but instead they are happy that I am working hard. So I think hard work is key to success so we should keep working hard.

Simran So, Nitika what do you think how much important is parent’s support?

Nitika According to me, it is more important for boys because there is more pressure of earning them. Although now it is equally important for male and female to earn livelihood but as I have brother I can see this clearly. Moreover, money is also important not only fame.

Simran How you started singing, it is any genetic talent or else?

Nitika I get this talent from my mother and I think my mother got her talent from my maternal grandmother. So I think I got this talent of singing in genes. My used to sing Bhajans and I also started from singing devotional songs.

Simran Don’t you think it is more difficult for women to fulfill their dreams in previous times?

Nitika Yes I do think that it was very difficult to convince the parents if women wanted to work in industry. As my mom used to tell us the stories, my mother and her mother suppressed the dream of singing and I think I am working hard to fulfill my own and their dream.

Simran Social media is essential for all of us but is giving fast success to some non-talented people also. What’s your take on this?

Nitika Yeah, definitely I think it comes to my mind daily then I also use to overthink, it is natural. We cant stop over thinking it is natural process. It is tension also, that what next we will do, what’s going to be our next step? Then I always ask my mind that why I stared then I always get the same answer that I have to stay positive and I have to make efforts continuously.

Simran Do you think when it comes to personal life, female artist’s professional life gets affected after marriage?

Nitika Honestly speaking, I don’t have the right answer right now but I would say that my parents are so supportive they have seen me working hard for my dreams so they are supporting me, so a partner should also be supportive as my family is.

Simran What compliment you would like to give Hardeep?

Nitika I always say that Hardeep is very good human being we can also have an idea from his songs. His songs are very much unique and motivational especially very different from other artists. I feel very proud that my first collaboration is with Hardeep Grewal. Whenever, I feel down I listen to Unstoppable song in which I gave my vocals.

Simran Any favorite artist you would like to collaborate with?

Nitika Collaborations are very important for every artist as it is a kind of support for each other because the audience gets exchanged. So I would love to do more collaborations. My main focus is to enter in Bollywood.

Simran Anything you want to say to your Followers?

Nitika In a crux I would like to say that keep working hard, keep hustling, there is no short-cut to success hard work and dedication is the only key…

Simran Hans

Entertainment Writer

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