Isha Kaloya’s Journey Shines Bright with the Support of a Mother’s Love.

Isha Kaloya, a rising star with Punjabi and Marwari heritage, discovered her passion for entertainment during mass communication studies at Guru Nanak Dev University, transitioning from her initial role as a lively medical student.

While working as an assistant director on Vicky Kaushal’s film “Sardar Udham,” Isha discovered her passion for acting. The international yoga player and national scatter, who began her yoga journey in 4th standard, brings a unique blend of skills to the screen.

After auditions and a stint in Zee Punjabi’s “Tedha Medha Sada Vedha,” Isha ventured into Bollywood with ad films, web series, and a movie set to release soon. Despite challenges, her mother’s unwavering support has fueled Isha’s pursuit of diverse roles, including her upcoming lead role in Zee Punjabi’s “Heer tey Tedhi Kheer,” premiering on April 1st.

Isha Kaloya’s dynamic journey from a small town to the glamour of the entertainment world is a testament to her talent, perseverance, and the belief that one can achieve anything with passion and determination. As she takes centre stage in “Heer tey Tedhi Kheer,” audiences can expect an enthralling performance from this emerging sensation.

Isha Kaloya expresses, “My mom has always been my pillar of support, encouraging me to explore my passions. While she roots for me in modeling and acting, my heart lies in the world of entertainment.”

Don’t miss the dawn of this love story as Heer, played by the multifaceted Isha Kaloya starts on 1st April at 9:00 PM, and takes center stage on Zee Punjabi.

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