Sunny Deol, the renowned Bollywood actor known for his powerful performances, has been the subject of various claims and rumors over the years. One of the most persistent claims that has now come into limelight is that he had an exceptionally high IQ of over 160 during his school days.

Sunny Deol is tasting the fruits of Gadar 2’s success currently, he was on a promotional tour these days. But one of his interviews has got the spotlight for his unusual claim. Sunny was in a talk session with Beer Biceps aka Ranveer Allahbadia and he claimed his IQ level to be 160 during his school days, in the interview.

Here’s a clip of the same: 

After the video chunk from the interview went viral on Social media, netizens couldn’t hold their horses and came up with several trolling comments under the comment section. The internet users have started comparing Sunny Deol to Albert Einstein as the latter’s IQ level was reportedly 160, as that of Sunny Deol’s. 

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Where one user has called him ‘Issac Sunny Newton’, the others started filling comment sections with remarks like, ‘Poore Deol Family Ki Bata Rahe Hain’, ‘Einstein Thinks He Is Sunny Deol’ and more. 

Lately, Sunny Deol has been the part of many online troll acts during his Gadar 2 days. Where he was once seen yelling at a fan who was trying to click a picture with him to shush a couple of women who were begging to him, Sunny has been a limelight topic in these months. 

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