As we all know, people are waiting to watch ‘Godday Godday Chaa’ movie in Cinemas, because lately the trailer of the movie released and got immense response from the audiences. So lately the writer of the movie, Jagdeep Sidhu appreciated whole team of the movie by sharing stories on his Instagram account and introduced the characters.
So let us tell you, Jagdeep Sidhu reveals that Sonam Bajwa played the character of Rani.

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who can be relatable with every girl who watch dreams. After a long time Sonam Bajwa played a controlled character. Moreover.

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Tania is playing the character of an innocent young girl named as ‘Nikko’. Further, Jagdeep Sidhu revealed that he first time watched

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Nirmal Rishi on TV and he feels lucky to have her in his film. Furthermore,

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Rupinder Rupi played the innocent character, who Jagdeep Sidhu’s personal favorite.
Talking about male characters, Gurjazz is playing the role of Pinta

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who is 110% real character according to Jagdeep Sidhu. Gitaj Bindrakhia

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is playing very simple character unlike ‘Moh’. Mintu Kapa always makes a game

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and playing very special actor and character to Jagdeep Sidhu. However, Amrit Amby is playing the character of Jeeta who can be similar to at least one character living in our village. He played this character so much naturally. Sardar Sohi’s character was not final until the one day from shoot, but Baapu ji played the character splendidly.

So ‘Godday Godday Chaa’ penned by Jagdeep Sidhu and directed by Vijay Kumar Arora is going to hit the theaters on 26th May 2023. Let us know about your excitement in comment section below.

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