Jassie Gill Has Just Released His First Punjabi Devotional Song, ‘So Dukh Kaisa Pave’!

Here is a fantastic update for Jassie Gill lovers. Yes! Jassie Gill recently debuted his latest project, and he recently posted details about it on his social media accounts. It is, in fact, Jassie Gill’s debut devotional song, which was recently released. Moreover, this devotional song is titled as ‘So Dukh Kaisa Pave’. This devotional song contains something very special; nonetheless, you can view it by clicking on the link provided below.

This is Jassie Gill’s debut Punjabi devotional song, and it is a collaboration with Jaya Kishori ji, who is well renowned for her religious films and content. This Punjabi Devotional song ‘So Dukh Kaisa Pave’ is sung by Jassie Gill and Jaya Kishori, according to the credits. We’d like to point out that the words of this devotional song were written by Man Mandeep and Gurnazar.

‘So Dukh Kaisa Pave’ was also composed by Jassie Gill. Regardless, the music for ‘So Dukh Kaisa Pave’ is composed by Gaurav Dev and Kartik Dev. However, Nitish Raizada directed the video for this song. The mixing work for this devotional song was done by Gurjinder Guri and Akash Bambar. ‘So Dukh Kaisa Pave’ has just been released on Jaya Kishori’s official YouTube channel. People are adoring it and praising Jaya Kishori and Jassie Gill in the comments section. Jassie Gill also blogged about this project prior to its publication. You can view his post by clicking on the following link

In the caption of this image, Jaya Kishori said, “My First Ever Punjabi Devotional Song With None Other Than @jassie.gill Releasing On The 26th Of November on my YouTube Channel.” So, please share your thoughts on this devotional song by Jassie Gill and Jaya Kishori in the comments section. We will notify you of any updates regarding Jassie Gill’s work graph as they become available to us; for additional updates regarding Jassie Gill’s work graph, keep following Filmi Bytes and staying updated about the Entertainment industry and your favorite star, stay connected to Filmi Bytes on social media sites as well

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