Man With Golden Heart, Actor Jayy Randhawa Donates Bike To Needy Guy Who Delivered Food On Cycle !

Jayy Randhawa is without a doubt one of the top actors in the Punjabi film industry, but he is also a decent person. Yes, we have a recent update that confirms Jayy Randhawa is a man with a beautiful heart. He recently posted photos to his social media account in which he can be seen posing with a small youngster.

Let us tell you that Jayy Randhawa donated a Platina Bike to a young Patiala lad who used to distribute meals on his bike and had to cycle roughly 40 kilometres every day. That child couldn’t afford to buy a bike, so Jayy Randhawa recently learned about it and gifted a Platina Bike to that young hardworking man.

Jayy Randhawa recently posted an Instagram story in which he shared those photos with that guy and wrote, “Shukar Parmatma Da, Mainu Es Layek samjeya te eh sewa meri jholi paayi…The caption for this image reads, “Mubaraka Veer, Waheguru tenu Chardikala Ch Rakhe.” Jayy Randhawa captioned another shot, “bai chardikla wala poora kehnda jdo mere kol pese agye, vpis laoge tusi eh vaada kro.. bahut vdiya din c aj…. “Thank you, Sonam Bajwa and Jbsathwal, for sharing this story, Shukar parmatma da.” People are praising Jayy Randhawa and bestowing blessings on him. Jayy Randhawa proved yet again that he is the man with the Golden Heart. Jayy Randhawa’s noble conduct deserves to be recognized.

Meanwhile, Jayy Randhawa has demonstrated kindness and humility. This video is being shared on many social media platforms. In terms of work, his current film, ‘Je Jatt Vigad Geya,’ will be out soon. People are anxiously awaiting the release of this film in theatres. So let us know in the comments area below how thrilled you are to see this movie and what your thoughts are on Jayy Randhawa’s act of compassion. We will notify you of any updates related to Jayy Randhawa’s work graph, as well as any other changes to Jayy Randhawa’s work graph. Continue to follow Filmi Bytes to remain up to current on the entertainment industry and your favorite stars, and stay connected to Filmi Bytes on social media sites as well.

Shivam Madaan

shivam madaan

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Founder & Editor in Chief