Marathi Mulgi Isha Koppikar Narang Describes Her love for Navsari Saree This Gudi Padwa

People across India are celebrating Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Baisakhi and more festivals. But Maharashtrians bring in their new year with Gudi Padwa which is celebrated at the beginning of the Chaitra month, the first month of the Hindu calendar. It is considered an auspicious time to start anything new, like buying a property or gold or a business venture. Bollywood Celebrities just like us, love dressing up in their traditional fashion on such holidays and actress Isha Koppikar shares how much she loves wearing the 9 yard, Navsari Sari which is authentic to the Marathi culture.

She says, “Nauvari saris have a very grand and celebrated history. Thats is what makes them my favorite. The traditions attached to them make them more than just a mere aesthetic attire.The nauvari symbolises strength and power.It was also worn by women to fight in wars back in the day, as it allowed mobility and freedom of movement.”

Gudi Padwa, the New Year day of Maharashtrians that is observed to celebrate the win of good over evil and to have a smooth and peaceful start ahead, is celebrated with joy and honor. The Kalash on top of a stick with a colourful piece of cloth signifies the symbol of victory of Lord Rama over Ravan.

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