‘Mining Retey Te Kabza’ Is Now is Cinemas, Here is Movie Review!

Much awaited and multi starer movie ‘Mining’ released in cinema halls today. We can see Singga, Ranjha Vikram Singh, Sara Gurpal and Sweetaj Brar playing lead roles in the movie. Apart from leading actors we can see Pardeep Singh Rawat, Sonpreet Jawanda, Rana Jung Bahadar, Babar Khan, Yogesh Gurna and many more in this movie. So we will review this movie on the basis of different factors..

  • Starcast/Characters We can see a very good starcast in this movie. Every artist played their character so well. If we talk about acting, Singga’s screen presence was great, Sara Gurpal did great in her screen space but we cannot see the base and family of her character in this movie, same with the Sweetaj Brar, seems like female characters do not have families in this movie. We couldn’t even see character named as Bunty’s family, even when she died in film. Apart from this, Ranjha Vikram Singh’s dialouge delivery was week in Punjabi. More screentime could be given to prominent names like Pardeep Singh Rawat and Rana Jung Bahadar.
  • Story/Screenplay Hats of to Simarjit Singh Hundal who penned this story and took the intiative to take this untouched and unique cocept on screens. Punjabi audience are demanding something different, so we can watch something unique in this movie. As the name of the movie depicts that it is based on the serious concepts of sand Mining in Punjab, there should be more focus on the issue of mining and more statistics could be highlighted through this movie. Meanwhile, more work should be done on the pre production stage.
  • Direction Simarjit Singh Hundal is director of this movie, who is known for action movies like 25 kille and Jatt Boys. As a director he did great job and managed to convey the concept in interesting and entertaining way. Action lovers will love this movie. The best thing about Hundal’s direction is the choice of whole starcast. Hundal gives chance to many new comers and semi known faces with this movie.
  • Overall This movie is entertaining, as well as addressing serious issue of Punjab, so it is must watch. As far as audience are cincerned, this movie is fulfilling the demand of audience who were waiting to watch something new in Punjabi cinemas. You can see Mining in your nearest cinema halls.
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