Our Pollywood industry is full of gems and one of them is Mintu Kapa. We all have seen him in movies like The Journey Of Punjab 2016, Sufna, Bhajjo Veero Ve, Guddiyan Patole, Nikka Zaildar 3, Dustbin, Puaada, Aaja Maxico Chaliye and so on. So today in this article we are going to publish small Q/A session with Mintu Kapa done by our teammate.

How are you and how’s the life is going?
I am grateful and happy. I am getting good amount of work in the industry, getting appreciation from people, sleeping in peace at night and I think what else we need.

What are your upcoming projects?
My upcoming movie is ‘Sohreyan Da Pind Aagya‘ with Gurnam Bhullar, Sargun Mehta, Jass Bajwa and Jasmin Bajwa, which is releasing on 8th July. It was great experience to work with such great artists and Director Ksshitij Chaudhary.

Moreover, I have many other projects in pipeline which includes Jodi with Diljit Dosanjh and Nimrat Khaira, Fikar Karo Na, Cheta Singh, Mera Baba Nanak, Vajood and many more which I cannot disclose right now.

How was your experience with Ammy Virk and whole team of Aaja Maxico Chaliye?
It was very great experience for me to work with the whole team of ‘Aaja Mexico Chaliye’. It was my 1st movie which was shoot out of the country I become very much comfortable Moreover, I met artists from Punjab, Pakistan which was a wholesome experience for me. I learnt a lot while working in this movie. Moreover, I always used to thanks Ammy Virk because he is very humble and down to earth personality who always boosts my confidence.

Some Funny Moments from The Movie Aaja Maxico Chaliye

How you look at your journey ?
Manish Arora and Samip Asija are the two friends I told them that I want to do my acting in 2013. A film is being made and I asked for Rs. 15000 They did not pay Rs. 15,000 but sent me to university with more money to study.

After that It started with my theatre study in 2014. I always thanks to theatre. It has polished my skills, gives me confidence. I did masters in Theatre from Punjab University Patiala. There I met Jagdeep Warring who was my senior, I worked with them in group called Red Arts and I did a movie with Jagdeep Warring named as ‘ The Journey of Punjab 2016’.

Mintu Kapa in his first movie the jourany of punjab 2016
Mintu in his First Movie THE JOURNEY OF PUNJAB 2016

As a theatre background what is your take on giving more exposure singers and social media influencers in industry?
I also dealt with these things in the industry but I am always grateful for the people who respects us a lot as we are from theatre background. People who are not from acting background respect us a lot. Moreover there are such artists in the industry who are working very good but not from acting backgrounds such as Ammy Virk, Amrinder Gill and Gurnam Bhullar. On the other side, there is Dev Kharaud, Jagjit Sandhu and Dheeraj Kumar who are from theatre background and working very good in the industry.

What are your views on parallel cinema?
I think parallel cinema is beautiful way of art. But in this era we need to add something commercial in films to make the audiences watch. We need such artists in the films who are prominent and famous among people so that people will watch the movie.
If someone want to make art films I think he or she should not care about the collections of the movie. On the other side if someone want to convey the message to more people, they have to add the commercial touch to movie to be watched by large number of audiences .We have many such examples like Ardaas, Ardaas Karan, Maa, Posti and so on.

What is your dream character ?
There is no dream character for me as I never thought to play some particular character. But I pay deep attention towards the character which I offered from directors. I especially love to play the characters which is especially written for me by the writers. I observe a lot of things for this character and I do deep discussions with directors for my character I never thought to play some particular character but I never want to look like Mintu on screen and I don’t like to play same characters in different movies. I look for characters which are part of story and have good base.

mintu kapa filmi bytes 1

How you choose your films?
People think that it is a star cast which attracts other artists to play any role in the movie but I do not look for artists as we know content is the king I always look for the good story and I always look for the characters which are part of the story. I don’t like to play the characters who are not related to the story but present on screen, the screen presence doesn’t bother me whether it is less or more but the character should be a part of the story and have Base of its own.

Are you indulge in followers race on social media?
I never get indulge in social media followers race as I am not active social media user. This is not my favorite thing to do in a day I don’t post much on social media. But when someone tells me that you have less followers so I start being active but this continues for just few days and I get back to my routine and become non active.

What challenges you have faced to be in the industry?
As I belonged to a middle class family I faced a lot of challenges. There was no one to guide me in my initial days but when I went to University, things started getting easier. So I think if we have courage to face the challenges we can overcome them all. Besides, we should be honest towards our work, today or tomorrow we will be successful.

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Who is favorite director ?
Everyone is in this industry is working very hard and working very good but I always thanks three people in the Punjabi industry that is Ammy Virk, Jagdeep Sidhu and Amberdeep Singh who boosts my confidence and guided me a lot when I was fresher in the industry.

What are your thoughts about Pollywood industry?
As we see artists like Guggu Gill, Yograj Singh, Satish Kaul we see our cinema is growing with the release of every movie. We have very splendid artists working great in our industry. Digital platforms are also streaming our Punjabi movies.
There are many movies which are breaking records such ‘Saunkan Saunakne‘ and many more. The budgets are increasing.
But there are still many stories which needs great budget to bring them on screen. I hope that soon will happen, when our movies get start dubbing in other languages and they will reach more audiences. As a result, our cinema will grow and big budget movies will be made.

What is the X factor for your success?
I think my fears and insecurities are the X factor of my success I do not want to get back the same life I came from that is why I keep working hard.

What is the role of parents’ in someone’s success ?
There is very huge role of parents’ in someone’s success. My parents did their best to make me successful. On the other side, we have to make them understand about our dreams in very light hearted way as there is generation gap between us.

How much important is peace of mind in today’s era?
This is pertinent and quite essential. I think there is nothing without it if you cannot sleep in peace at night. If you are happy and sleeping in peace at night I think that is all we need.

Any message for your fans?
You should always pay gratitude for what you have and try to complete things which were left incomplete yesterday. Do not ever kill your dreams and don’t ever quit. If something is not in your reach right now, it will be one day but do not ever quit.

Anything else you want to share?
I just want to tell people that I am not an arrogant person. Do not judge me by my behavior I just talk less especially with strangers. So Come, sit with me, and have a cup of tea and you will get to know what kind of person I am… ☻

Interview By Simran Hans

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