One of the most unique movies, ‘MoH’ got released on 16th September 2022. People loved the content and concept of the movie but the movie did not performed well on the box office. Jagdeep Sidhu, Director of the movie expressed the sorrow through social media that his hard work is not liked by the people.

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Talking about the recent update, Jagdeep Sidhu did a Q/A session with his fans on the social media. Jagdeep Sidhu asked a lot of questions related to the OTT release of the Moh by his fans and followers. Meanwhile, people are eagerly waiting watch the OTT release of the ‘Moh’. But Jagdeep Sidhu said that he already released in Cinemas.


Not only this, Jagdeep also asked people that if he will re-release the ‘Moh’ in Cinemas. So lets see what’s going to happen.


Talking about the storyline of Moh, it was the story of lady who just wants love but always received something else. When she finally finds love in boy who is younger than her also it becomes an extra marital affair. Their love ends up apartting their ways due to another people’s conspiracies.

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Apart from this, Gitaj Bindarakhia, son of late Singer Surjit Bindarakhia made his official debut with this movie. He performed so well that one couldn’t even imagine that it was his debut movie. He played the character of Sargun’s lover who is student but left his studies in between for his love but ends up having nothing. He becomes film writer in the end. Gitaj played this character so well.

So in a crux, we can just hope release of Moh on OTT or re -release in Cinema. What do you want let us know in comment section.

Simran Hans

Entertainment Writer

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