New Dialogue Promo Released From Upcoming Punjabi Movie ‘Majnoo’ !

Here we have the latest update regarding the upcoming movie ‘Majnoo’. The new dialogue promo of this movie has been released recently. People are loving this promo, and getting excited to watch this movie in cinema halls. This love triangle movie starring Preet Baath, Kiran Shergill and Sabby Suri is releasing soon in cinema halls. You can watch this dialogue promo given below:

As the teaser and trailer depicts, this film looks to be a serious love drama, as the teaser for it implies. In this film, we’ll witness feelings, romance, love, and heartache. This film would be entirely different from the current trends in Punjabi cinema. “Majnoo” will depict a distinct kind of love tale. Regarding the film’s credits, we shall witness Preet Baath, Kiran Shergill, and Sabby Suri portraying the main characters in “Majnoo.” In addition to these well-known actors, Padma Shri will be shown. Important roles in this film are played by Gurpreet Bhangu, Manjit Singh, Babbar Gill, Jasdev Maan, Randhir Tandon, Jugnu Sharma, Nirmal Rishi, and Malkeet Rauni. But Sabha Verma is the author of this film’s narrative.

Let us inform you that Suzad Iqbal Khan is the director of the film “Majnoo.” Regarding the film’s producers, Tilok Kothari is the financier of “Majnoo,” while Jugnu Sharma serves as a co-producer.

Shalimar Productions is presenting this film in the interim. Thus, “Majnoo” will be distributed under the auspices of Shalimar Productions. The producers also disclose the specific date of this film’s release. “Majnoo” is scheduled for release on March 22, 2024. Please share your excitement about seeing this film in theatres by leaving a remark below.

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