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Priti Sapru, a seasoned star of Punjabi cinema, directed the big-budget movie Teri Meri Gal Ban Gayi, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime videos. Introducing the new Jodi, stunning Rubina Bajwa, and singer-turned-actor debutant Akhil, the film has proven to deliver the sweet flavours of emotions like love, rhythm, and romance in this musical love story produced under her production label Sai Sapru Creations in association with Zee Studios co-produced by Arun Kumar.

In the story, both of the protagonists, Rubina Bajwa and Akhil appear to be a picture of beauty who try to settle their father, Guggu Gill by finding him a new match, Priti Sapru so that his life is filled with happiness after she is married to her beloved. But, if the whole story ends up as they plan is the which is unquestionably a more dramatic twist in the plot. Well! that’s what the film has at its core, which will amaze the audience and boast their curiosity as they can now watch the film anytime and anywhere they feel like on streaming now on Amazon Prime.

Apart from the leading actors, the film is comprised of an adept star cast; Guggu Gill, Priti Sapru, Puneet Issar, Nirmal Rishi, Karamjit Anmol, and Harby Sangha, who are well-known for their exceptional talents in many blockbusters. The associate writer-director-producer of the film is Upvan Sudarshan. The music of the film was directed by Jatinder Shah and the lyrics have been penned down by Babu Singh Maan, Maninder Kailey, and Veet Baljeet.

Priti Sapru, the movie’s writer, director, and producer, expressed her joy by writing, “Watch the second innings of our film on the popular OTT platform Amazon Prime Video.” This movie was made with love, humour, and sheer fun in mind. Therefore, we are hoping that our efforts will be successful and that more people will watch the digital premiere.

“I had a lot of joy shooting this picture,” actor Rubina Bajwa remarked, “since the film starts with romance following which the main section is the funniest part. It will allow the public to witness a different kind of chemistry between Akhil and me. As a fantastic family entertainment that will prove to be a special viewing experience for all audiences, we surely see more momentum for the movie on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video.

“The story in this movie is highly original and interesting, so shooting it was a lot of fun”, says singer and actor Akhil. “Love stories have happy endings and take us on a thrilling journey. I’m thrilled to debut my movie Teri Meri Kall Ban Gayi on the OTT service Amazon Prime Video now that it belongs to the fans. I’m hoping that the fans will enjoy this movie’s digital premiere.”

*‘Teri Meri Gal Ban Gayi’ NOW STREAMING ON Amazon Prime Videos*

Shivam Madaan

shivam madaan

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Founder & Editor in Chief