Once Again, Kaka Make Headlines With His Social Media Post’s Caption!

Kaka, a Punjabi singer, is frequently in the news. More people speak about his social media posts than his music. Due to his posts, he continues to make news. However, singer Kaka has no interest in being well-known or in the spotlight.

Lately, Kaka posted a video on social media. When this video was shared, it immediately became a hot topic of conversation. Kaka can be seen strolling across the mountains in this video. Which is incredibly common, but the caption of this video has everyone’s attention. You can check his post by clicking on the link given below

Kaka captioned the video with, “Since I became famous, I rarely had the chance to stay in the street,” while posting it. Since I was a young child, I have loved and practised staying in the street. I prefer to move through the crowd only when I recognise someone. don’t understand Roads, streets, abandoned pathways, lakes, or seashores, as well as nations like Canada, Dubai, Russia, Armenia, and Kazakhstan, constantly reminding me my awful fate.

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