For me either it was a yes or a no , there was no I’ll try.  

As they say “you have to make your own mistakes and you have to learn your own lessons” , well I did learn my lessons in  the most hard yet the most beautiful way. Every person who reads this message should not be afraid of doing things their way because that is what I did. 

The world might call you lucky because all they see is the tip of the iceberg , but you and only you know the truth. 

“Bad days leads to good days”. This wasn’t just a quote for me but it is more or less the story of my life. So I’ll be sharing a small part of my life which actually made me what I am today. 

I started food and travel vlogging around 5 to 6 years back and I never knew it will be this fruitful. 

There were times where My family suffered To manage my school fee or I wasn’t very comfortable going out with friends because that would have been an extra burden on my family . That’s when I decided i have to do something for my parents more than myself.  Being independent was always a part of the plan but before that it was more about making ends meet. 

I am not complaining because trust me I think god has been there for me so much , but there were times when I was mocked for what I started. I know this is 2022 and yeah we are the GEN Z.  But let me just burst your bubble that things we think are not prevalent , they are still there. If you are trying to be an independent women in our society you are going to get all kinds of pessimistic , hypercritical and envious people but the real win lies in the fact that you beat everyone of them and make a path  through that and leave a mark



That was the most uncertain time of my life where I really didn’t know what to do how to do it with all the pressures from all sides be it the thought of supporting my family or protecting them from all kinds of judgements from people around but one thing that kept me moving was I knew this is my only chance . 

Everything I do now is on the net so I took this opportunity to talk about my behind the scenes and these BTS are the actual reasons for what I am today.  However Morden everyone thinks they are there is a certain way that a girl is expected to behave or there is a timeline set for her , don’t fall into the trap. Make your own timelines ,unapologetically.

I was always passionate about food and travel so I thought what could be a better option than making a life out of what I love . I never wanted to be someone who gets up everyday and go to work just for the sake of it. I wanted to be happy in what I do so I choose this and I am glad i did. 

Everything has its pros and cons so is the case with social media. The amount of hate you can get is huge , and I would be wrong in saying it didn’t affect me at a point but I have outgrown that and try to look at the good because the amount of love I have started to get is difficult to fathom. 

In the end all I want to say is don’t believe the loud mouths. Not many people will be happy with your success but did the  so called critic came forward when you were suffering? No they didn’t . 

This journey of saddigaddi could not have been possible without my amazingly supporting parents , my loving brother and my partner Rishabh. They are the backbone of this channel and their sacrifices are the reason I am here with a more than million followers .

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Shivam Madaan

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