These are the black days for Punjab as legendary singer Sidhu Moosewala left us all in sorrow. The huge loss is for his parents. The world mourns on the demise of Sidhu but the situation his parents are facing cannot be explained in words.

The prominent names from Pollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood posts about his death. Sidhu Moosewala is compared with Karan Aujla also i.e. “one son don”t have parents and parents dont have their son”. In the same way director Jagdeep Sidhu shares very heart touching story on social media. Jagdeep writes to Karan that ‘Sidhu will be your parent”s son in heaven and you can be his parent”s son in this world”.

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These lines from Jagdeep Sidhu can make anyone”s heart melt. As Aujla dont have parents and Sidhu’s parents don’t have son.

There are endless number of reasons that why Sidhu Moosewala will always be remembered but the foremost reason is his down to earth nature. As we know ‘Dil Da Nhi Maada’. We cannot even think about the situation of his parents but we can pray for them . May God give strength to them.

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