OTTainment Alert: The Year of Neeru Bajwa

First Kali Jotta, now Buhe Bariyan-unleashes Punjab’s Fearless Sheroes on Chaupal!

With the year coming to an end, we are here to bring the best and the latest of the movies to make your year finish with a bang. To add to thislist, we have Neeru Bajwa starrerBuhe Bariyan, which is now streaming on OTT Chaupal.

Buhe Bariyan, the movie, is not just a cinematic treat but is for all those women who are finding some sort of strength in their lives. The movie is about the lives of a group of women, played by ace women from the film industry namely – Rubina Bajwa, Gurpreet Bhangu, Nirmal Rishi, Seema Kaushal, Rupinder Rupi, Dharminder Kaur, Baljinder Kaur, Malkeet Rauni, Jaswinder Brar, who have in some way, or the other been abused by either their partners or abused by the societies or in their marital homes. The actors have played their parts perfectly and one is sure that their roles can be resonated with a lot of women across. The core of the film has Neeru Bajwa who plays the role of Prem Kaur, an upright police officer who gets involved in the lives of these women and the story takes on from there.

The movie brings up a lot of important issues that have crippled society where women are looked down upon and not treated well. Neeru Bajwa starrer, Kali Jotta, which was released earlier this year and is now streaming onOTT Chaupal, also showcased the portrayal of women who could neither speak up about their traumas nor take any action. Cruelty towards women and domestic abuse, which is very much alive in every other household, is a topic that is strongly brought up in the movie. Even though Buhe Bariyanis a women-centric film, it should be watched by the opposite gender as well, as many times, even in ignorance, men tend to do things to women that should be avoided, that fall under the purview of domestic violence. It must be noted that harming a woman’s mental health now falls under the act of cruelty and is a punishable offense under the criminal act.

This dark side of society is masked by great humor and a storyline that will give you giggles and a feel-goodemotion.

Nitin Gupta, Chief Content Officer, Chaupal remarked “In the spirit of year-end festivities, we extend our heartfelt gift to esteemed audiences in Punjab and beyond. Watch an array of big releases from the year gone by exclusively on the Chaupal app, that can be enjoyed by all. Among these treasures, Buhe Bariyan stands out as a delightful offering that touches on an important issue of society andinvites families to partake in its timeless charm and to immerse themselves in the joy of classic cinema with us.”

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