Are you ready to meet the rising stars of the literary world? India’s most news featured literary platform, Cherry Book Awards has recently announced their chosen winners for the highly coveted Rising Ink 2023 literary honour, and the talent pool is overflowing with creativity, diversity, and passion. From inspirational non-fiction to relatable prose and stories, these awardees are breaking boundaries and forging their own paths in the writing industry, particularly in India. So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and join us as we explore the exciting world of Rising Ink 2023!

Rajasekar TMK – Rajasekhar TMK is a multi-talented individual, holding records in multiple fields such as research, literature, art, and photography. He has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the prestigious “Young Researcher” award from INSC and “Best Researcher in Electronics” national award from WRC.

Usha Kiran Moodgal – Usha Kiran Moodgal is an award-winning poet, author, and dancer. She has received the Sahitya Sthambh Puraskar 2023 and Sarvashreshtha Kavyitri 2023 awards for her composition “Kavya Tulika” by Drop of Change Publications.

Dr. Sheetal Nair – He is an award-winning author, TEDx speaker, orator of repute & a Human Resource professional with more than a decade of experience in facilitating and training with organizations like Barclays, United Nations, Fives Group et al.

Shishira Srinivasa – She is a Multiple award-winning author and a Harvard record holder, a PhD Research Scholar, who submitted her thesis and is awaiting her Doctoral Degree, a creative writer with a strong emphasis on outcomes to society.

Neha Tekwani – She is a published and featured International and National Author and poet with 8 years of experience in the publishing Industry. She also spreads awareness, positivity, and coaches people about life, fashion trends and business through the medium of social media.

Tushar Kiran Moodgal – Tushar Kiran Moodgal is an award winning poet and writer from Shahdara, Delhi who has co-authored more than 25 poetry books and is working on his solo poetry compilation “Lamentations” which is scheduled to be released in May 2023 via Evincepub Publishing.

Mayaa SH – Mayaa SH is a multi National Award Winner and a Double World Recorder, An Artist and a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Author. She is a Women Empowerment Culturist. She has depicted gender inclusivity and equality through her certifications from the United Nations and powerful writings on Feminism.

Anupama Ravindran Menon – She is a doctor in the Malaysian Armed Forces who served in a peacekeeping operation in Lebanon. She is also a writer, painter, and nature photographer. Anu loves her family, practices medicine, and finds joy in little things. She had her first solo art exhibition and authored two books.

Sujoyita Pal – Sujoyita Pal from Kolkata is a certified writer and has received numerous awards for her work in the field of writing. She is also an English teacher, spoken English trainer, and corporate grooming trainer.

Ashu Verma Chaubey – Ashu is a homemaker turned writer since 2020 with over 1200 poems, stories, and blogs on various platforms, specializing in inspirational, relationship, and women’s themes. She’s contributed to several anthologies by famous publications.

Ashima Syal – She is a poet and author of “Canopy” with works featured in various anthologies and literary festivals. She has won awards and conducts workshops on creative writing and public speaking for college students.

Purvi Munjal – A medical student who finds solace and healing in poetry. In one month, she has co-authored ten anthologies, won an all-India contest called “Sparkle,” and had her poems published by Quill House Publications.

Sagrika Mehta – She is a  confident and focused student with a keen interest in public speaking and environment conservation. She has participated in numerous MUN conferences and clean-up drives, won awards in different Olympiads, and is a silver medalist in the KENKEN International Championship.

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