Punjabi Singer Nobby Singh’s new track ‘Yaar Suli Te’ gathers audience love

Chandigarh: Just like Harkheya Jatt and Fikar , Punjabi singer Nobby Singh new track ‘Yaar Suli Te’ has also gathered huge love from audience. The song is penned by Mani Longia.

Sharing about how he planned ‘Yaar Suli Te’, “We were in a studio session, when I first heard this song and I immediately got attached to the feel of it and its hard-hitting lyrics. So I decided to record it and and I am happy that output came out really well and everyone in team loved it in my vocals.

Interestingly, Mani has actually wrote this song for himself to record. As I mentioned above, we both were together in the studio and when I ended up recording it, he really appreciated the output and finally I got the opportunity to do Yaar Suli Te.

Nobby further stated that he has done a bunch of versatile songs in different feel and genres. We’re bringing EP for the audience next and hoping for the best.

“I would always say to show love and always appreciate positivity, good music and hardworking artists. Stay away from negative messages make sure you support your loved ones and work hard to achieve your dreams. Never give up”, said Nobby.

People on Instagram are showing love towards the song by making reels on it. It also received an overwhelming response from the audience on Youtube.

Fans of Nobby claim that the song has won their hearts. The music and the hard-hitting lyrics have managed to set the song apart. Like Yaar Suli Te, he is all set to come up with more projects in the coming future.

Shivam Madaan

shivam madaan

Founder & Editor in Chief


Founder & Editor in Chief