Rising Star Sana Sha Set to Make Bollywood Debut with Ekta Kapoor’s Upcoming Movie

In an exciting turn of events, budding talent Sana Sha has been spotted alongside renowned filmmaker Ekta Kapoor for an upcoming Bollywood movie, marking her debut in the industry. The entire star cast of the film recently convened in Bangalore, where they concluded a successful press conference, engaging with the media and leaving fans eagerly anticipating their collaboration.

Sana Sha, known for her multi-talented skills and captivating presence across various platforms, has amassed a dedicated fan following who have been eagerly awaiting for her Bollywood debut. With this exciting venture, Sana is set to take her career to new heights. People are waiting to watch her on the silver screen.

In this Press Conference John Abraham and Arjun Kapoor were also present along with Sana Sha . The trio exuded a palpable energy and chemistry, leaving attendees and the media in awe.

As Sana Sha prepares to embark on her journey in Bollywood, well-wishers from across the nation join together to wish her immense success. With her undeniable talent, captivating persona, and the guidance of renowned filmmaker Ekta Kapoor, Sana is poised to make a significant impact and leave an indelible mark on the industry.

As the release date of Ekta Kapoor’s forthcoming movie draws near, fans and cinephiles eagerly await the opportunity to witness the magic that Sana Sha and the star-studded cast will undoubtedly bring to the big screen.

Shivam Madaan

shivam madaan

Founder & Editor in Chief


Founder & Editor in Chief