Gavie Chahal and Sharan Kaur Leading Film ‘Sangrand’ Released In Cinema Halls, Here’s The Review !

Mar 23, 2024 - 22:59
Jun 16, 2024 - 15:52
Gavie Chahal and Sharan Kaur Leading Film ‘Sangrand’ Released In Cinema Halls, Here’s The Review !
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Here we have the latest update regarding the new Punjabi Film ‘Sangrand’. This movie has been released lately in the cinema halls. Gavie Chahal and Sharan Kaur leading movie ‘Sangrand’ is doing great work in cinema halls. People are loving this movie and appreciating the actors of this movie. We have also watched this movie recently and we are going to review this movie based on different factors given below:-


The story of ‘Sangrand’ is penned by Inderpal Singh and revolves around the ups and downs of the life. The story reflects how one person can make right or wrong decisions due to circumstances. How our relations got changed according to weathers. Significantly, this story shows that if you are a good person and keep doing good, you will be happy at the end.

Star Cast

Gavie Chahal and Sharan Kaur are playing the lead roles in this movie. His breathtaking looks deserves to be appreciated and his dialogue delivery and action are working as cherry on the cake. Moreover, Sharan Kaur should be appreciated for her adaptation of her character. However, Aman Sutdhar, Raj Dhaliwal, Sardar Sohi, Davvy Singh and Nirmal Rishi also created great impact with their acting skills.


Sangrand is directed by Inderpal Singh who is the writer of this film as well. So we can have an idea that well he represented the story on screens. He represented the relations of family and a person according to time and situations. Inderpal Singh did his job so well as a director.


Music plays quite essential role in making a movie hit one. Talking about Sangrand’s music, it’s really a masterpiece, you can watch the songs according to the situations of this movie.


This movie is overall an entertainment and a completely family film. It contains love, romance, emotions and action as well. So Sangrand is a complete package, go and watch this movie in your nearest cinema halls. For more updates stay tuned to Filmi Bytes.

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