Another Movie is set to be launched in theatres, and romantic Punjabi flicks are frequently enjoyed by the audiences. Yes, and this time a brand-new on-screen couple will be present. Sargun Mehta and Ajay Sarkaria collaborate in the upcoming movie “Sidhu’s Of Southall.” The film’s production has already begun. The sources state that the filming has been taking place in London, United Kingdom.

Sargun and the team shared a reel on Instagram in keeping with the “Kala Chashma” trend to make the news even more entertaining. Although the film’s lead actors have not unveiled their official statement regarding the upcoming project. In addition to BN Sharma, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Iftikhar Thakur, Amar Noorie, Jatinder Kaur, and many others, Sidhu’s Of Southall also stars Iftikhar Thakur. The movie has been hailed as a romantic comedy, and this novel pairing is one of its selling points. We are hoping that the movie is full of fun given this incredible and fantastic celebrity cast. The dialogue was written by Rakesh Dhawan, while Inderpal Singh authored the script and storyline. Finally, Navaniat Singh will be donning the director’s cap.

To add to the “Kala Chashma” trend and make the news more fun, Sargun and the team posted a clip on Instagram. Although the leading stars haven’t made an official announcement about the impending film. Iftikhar Thakur is one of numerous actors who appear in Sidhu’s Of Southall, along with BN Sharma, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Iftikhar Thakur, Amar Noorie, Jatinder Kaur, and many others. This unusual pairing is one of the reasons why the movie has been praised as a romantic comedy. Given this amazing and great celebrity ensemble, we are expecting that the film is full of fun. Inderpal Singh wrote the narrative and storyline, while Rakesh Dhawan wrote the dialogue. Navaniat Singh will finally put on the director’s hat. Now let’s what’s going to be the reaction of the audience for this fresh on-screen couple of Sargun and Ajay..

Written By Simran Hans

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