Talking about the movies released this week, Sidhus of Southall hit the screens on 19th May 2023. Sargun Mehta, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Iftikhar Thakur, Amar Noorie, Joty Kaur, Jatinder Kaur, Ajay Sarkaria and BN Sharma are playing the pivotal roles in the movie. So we will review this movie on the basis of different factors.

Story & Screenplay A financially precarious and bizarre Punjabi family attempts to dispose of a corpse that came to their side when one of their own family members hit Kartar with a bottle in an attempt to rescue herself in the story Sidhus of Southall. This film is about what happens and how it happens during their entertaining mission.

We found the film’s narrative to be highly original. Although the middle of the story seems to be veering off course, the picture succeeds because to a compelling and entertaining screenplay.

Acting/Characters Let’s speak about the acting and performances that were in the movie. So let’s start with the movie’s leading lady, Sargun Mehta, what an incredible performance she gave. She did a great job with transitions. Her entire role in the movie was fantastic.
What can be said about Prince Kanwaljit Singh is that he is such a fantastic asset for any filmmaker, elevating the calibre of the movie just by being there. Prince KJ was portrayed on TV as a corpse, and even that image of him grinning caused people to roar with laughter. Moreover, Ajay Sarkaria did a respectable job in portraying Rajveer. Actually, it was he who gave the movie the desperately needed romantic edge.

Direction Navaniat Singh, a well-known director, is behind the camera for Sidhus Of Southall. Simply said, it was a flawless team performance in which each actor tried to outshine the others.

Overall This film is completely an entertainment package with splendid starcast and their acting. If you want to watch some comedy content and break the monotony of life, you should watch this movie in your nearest cinema halls

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