“Sinatra,” a song by Bajre Da Sitta: Ammy Virk approaches Tania in this upbeat song.

The period drama Bajre Da Sitta, Ammy Virk’s next Punjabi-language film, has a plot that seems to be highly distinctive. The movie, which Jass Grewal wrote and directed, tells the tale of two young girls who are “found” as singers.They are persuaded to sing professionally by the owner of a record label, but this exposure causes issues in their traditional,
conservative life.

The film’s song “Sirnawa,” released lately on the official You Tube Channel of Tips Punjabi with voice of Ammy Virk music by Avy Sra and Lyrics by. Jassi Pakhi. This song is a catchy, foot-tapping number that depicts the budding relationship between Virk and Tania. The mix and master are by Jaydden, and Avvy Sra is in charge of the music.

Tania is spotted strolling through the alleyways with a friend and her sister, Noor Chahal. She is followed around by Virk, who is obviously captivated with her and trying to get her attention. The pair tries to sneak looks at one other as the song is set in a village with houses, unpaved streets, and small shops selling trinkets.

Tania resembles an innocent, naïve village girl who is oblivious to the ways of the outside world. The songs from the movie that have already been made public all have a simple, folkloric Punjabi flavour to them, in line with the periodization and concept of the movie.On July 15, Bajre Da Sitta will be shown in theatres.

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