Singer Labh Heera releases new single track ‘Badla’

After giving a number of hits, multi-talented artist Labh Heera have come up with his new track ‘Badla’ that is creating a buzz among the audience.

The track has been released on the official Youtube channel of Judge Music. Labh Heera have lent his vocals, while lyrics are penned by Harman Saab. The music is produced by Laddi Gill.

Speaking about the song, Labh said, “We have got positive response from the audience as of now. We hope everyone is enjoying it. Also, I am happy that we are doing well on Instagram reels.”

The latest track has received a lot of positive comments on social media and Youtube as well. People on Instagram are showing love towards the song by making reels on it.

Fans of Labh Heera claim that the song has won their hearts. The music and the hard-hitting lyrics have managed to set the song apart. Like ‘Badla’, Heera is all set to come up with more projects in the future.

Shivam Madaan

shivam madaan

Founder & Editor in Chief


Founder & Editor in Chief