“Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya” by Gurnam and Sargun is currently playing in theaters. We can’t stop thinking about the humorous trailer, we can’t stop listening to the upbeat songs, and the campaign’s interviews have astounded us.

The writer of the film, Amberdeep Singh, has just made notes about the process of how he came up with the idea for the narrative available. Amberdeep Singh misheard a line while listening to the Jodi soundtrack in his car, as a result, the music was paused, and this is how the tale of Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya came to be. Then, he reasoned that this statement could serve as a standalone motion picture and imagined a story in his imagination.

When he listened to the song again and heard the correct words, Amberdeep Singh was happy that he had misheard the statement. If it hadn’t truly happened, he wouldn’t have thought of it. He also admitted that he had prayed to God throughout the shoot, which involved between 100 and 150 people working and eating, and that if he hadn’t misheard the music, they wouldn’t have been dining here.

It’s amazing that Amberdeep misheard the lyrics and created this entertaining presentation for the audience. His work has consistently received positive reviews, so we think that this time won’t be any different. Gurnam Bhullar and Sargun Mehta are the main performers in the upcoming Punjabi film Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya. Amberdeep also reveals the distinction and excellence of this film. Fans claim that neither Bollywood nor Hollywood have ever used this concept. Additionally, it has been jam-packed with joy, passion, and excitement. So let us know in comment section that have you watched “Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya” already or going to watch soon??

Simran Hans

Entertainment Writer

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