Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the heartwarming bond between global star Ram Charan and his mother, Surekha Konidela. Their relationship is filled with tender moments that showcase their love and respect for each other. Here are five touching instances that prove they are truly mother-son goals:

Cooking Together: Fans are already aware of the love the mega family has for food and this precious video of Ram Charan cooking a special paneer tikka recipe for his mom is the sweetest thing ever.

Recreating Childhood Memories: Through recreating a throwback picture from Ram Charan’s childhood days, they not only reminisce about the past but also strengthen their bond in the present.

Warm Embrace: A simple yet powerful gesture, the warm hug they share speaks volumes about their affection and closeness.

Family Moments with Rhyme: With their furry companion Rhyme by their side, Ram Charan and Surekha create cherished memories.

Butter up: There’s no better way to learn how to butter our moms than to whip up some with them! Ram Charan learns the art of making butter from the ladies of his house.

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