T-Series announces its audio-series ‘Kissey Aur Kahani’ with its first story ‘College Ka Pehla Din’ written and narrated by KPJ!

After dominating the music arena for decades and being prominent players in film production, T-Series now launches a new property with its audio-series ‘Kissey Aur Kahani’. A new story from the series will be launched every Friday on T-Series’ YouTube channel and across streaming platforms and will take listeners through stories related to our day-to-day lives.

The first short-story from the ‘Kissey Aur Kahani’ series titled ‘College Ka Pehla Din’ written and narrated by Kranti Prakash Jha takes listeners down memory lane to a short and sweet college love story that relives the feelings of young love.

This series of audio stories will talk about instances from day to day lives that people can relate to and feel a deeper connection with. Young India is gradually getting inclined towards consuming content audibly as much as they consume visually, especially while traveling or enjoying their ‘me time’, the most preferable choice is to plug the earphones in. With this new audio property, T-Series hopes to speak to its audience in the language they best understand.

Says Kranti Prakash Jha, “An audio-series like ‘Kissey Aur Kahani’ is something that people can listen to at their convenience and brings back the magic and beauty of short stories. I’m happy to embark on this journey and collaborate with T-Series on ‘College Ka Pehla Din’ that brought back fond memories from my college days.”

The story ‘College Ka Pehla Din’ from T-Series’ audio-series ‘Kissey Aur Kahani’ is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel and audio-streaming platforms.

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